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As a PlayStation 1 and 2 owner I was apprehensive when I first purchased an Xbox 360 way back in 2005. However since that date I have never looked back I remain impressed and captivated by Microsoft’s take on the gaming console and I’m very happy I made the switch to this day. Perhaps the biggest reason that I and many others are able to say this is because of the amazing and sincere customer care Microsoft provided when many of us experienced the dreaded red rings of death. If Microsoft hadn’t acted swiftly, given bonuses like free months of live, gift cards even free controllers and games, how many of us would be currently playing a PS4? I am writing this today because, despite knowing that at launch consoles may suffer from bugs and issues, I was confident that I was putting my money in to a company that cared about it’s customers and had a great customer support team to show for it, when I preordered the $500 Xbox One when it was first announced. All but a couple of the launch games available to play on my new console. Unfortunately the console I received was defective and ruined all of my games. Far more unfortunately then that, a month after contacting Xbox support my problem remains unresolved. When I first called about the issue I was given what they term as an advance exchange where they send you a replacement console before even received the defective one. A brilliant move that the three red rings issue probably influenced. They also gave me a free game download to play while I waited for my new console, justified I felt in putting my money into Xbox once again. However upon receiving the new Xbox I discovered that the launch games I purchased no longer worked in any Xbox One console. Undeterred I called Xbox and told them the issue. A month later I still have not been given a resolution, but instead a run around of poorly thought out and insufficient solutions including “Contact the game retailer or publisher and ask that they replace the disc which will cost you a $20 fee.” Despite the fact that their defective console caused the issue, how is this considered customer service? Sending me off to another company to solve my problem? I did not know this to be the Microsoft way. I even humored the idea by calling them, to which 2K, EA, Best Buy and Amazon all replied in one way or another “You should contact Xbox given the fact that it was their defective console to blame.” Obviously this answer was a given and a poorly thought out resolution, but most importantly highlights the main issue that no one I’ve spoken to at Xbox is stepping up to take responsibility of the problem and reach a hand out to me, the customer, for resolution. I requested to get a call back from the Advance care team. I received a generic e-mail not even describing my issue. I called and again requested a phone call to get on the same page, and again was given a generic e-mail that not only wouldn’t solve my issue but told me that there was nothing they could do to solve my issue, that the only way my discs could’ve scratched would be if I moved the console while playing them. So I moved the console while playing EACH of my games…? And that’s it. That was the solution they provided and closed my case. Apparently Microsoft has forgotten how they got here and who got them here. I am sending this letter to them, as well as posting on my blog and channel, in a last attempt at a resolution before I request a full refund on my console and games and wash my hands of Microsoft as they have done to me, a loyal customer who has spent thousands of dollars on their product since 2005. Hopefully I can get a resolution and/or change to a policy that involves customer service supervisors telling customers “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.”, and replaces it with the way it used to be “What can I do for you?”

                                                                                                                                                Hoping for better,

                                                                                                                                                A disappointed customer


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