Ruf 'n' Ready

Just got this game for Christmas, and guys I am at a loss on this race. In single player I have run this race at least forty times now, couple times were 99% flawless runs, and I am edged out at the wire every time. I have turned all assists on and set to easy and completed another 15 runs just now with same result. Rewinding is not helping either as I will often beat the P-51 to the line yet still finish second, some times by 100's of seconds?? That is completely strange (No not hundredths.) I could really use a pointer or two. Thanks in advance!

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for one thing, if you have automatic braking on, it will seriously slow you down going through corners

Yeah that last bit of a wiggle before the finish has a dip in it where the auto brakes cost a few tenths, once I turned the assists off and was a bit more careful after the last checkpoint I beat the fighter plane. Thanks Squizzy!

Cough....are you trying to beat my time...cough??

I am about to have a mental breakdown.

This is the VERY last race in the whole game that I need to complete and I keep losing by like .2 seconds!