Rubber steering column?

Why does it feel like the weels are attatched to a rubber steering column?

There is like a half second lag whenever I push the L-stick and before the car actually starts to steer.

Is there a way to fix this?

I have messed with the advanced settings.

Rubbish game - good thing it was only 20£ on 


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The game is difficult, even on easy. Try tuning the car. Go with the Mazda RX-8 for D class.

Steering Deadzone: 3%

Steering Sensitivity: 45%

Accelerator Deadzone: 4%

Accelerator Sensitivity: 46%

Brake Deadzone: 4%

Braking Sensitivity: 45%

Clutch Deadzone: 2%

Clutch Sensitivity: 50%

Speed Sensitivity: 100%

Speed Sensitivity (Drift): 100%

Does that fix the very sensitive steering?

Do not forget, it could always be the TV as well as the game. I go back and forth between analog and HD TV's, you can tell the difference in lag with an HD TV. I do use a steering wheel though.