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So for the past two days while playing L.A. Noire I've been in the middle of playing and the system shuts off and I get the three flashing red lights (every corner except the top-right) and flashing power button in green. Three times I've gotten the red lights and three times the system has worked after I've gotten them. Now because the system works for a little while after I get the lights I'm a little optimistic. Has this happened to anyone else before or should I just send my console out cause it's officially broken?


Also, I know they say to check the power cords but I really don't feel like moving my huge television to do all that cause I'm 99% sure that the cords didn't magically get loose out of no where.


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How long have you had your system, man?  It sounds like to me your typical RROD.  I've had friends with consoles that still worked after they put cold towels on it (or something like that) but ultimately, the system still failed in the end.  I doubt it's the power cords, too.

Yeah I think Microsoft just mentions the power cords in their system failure guides cause they want to make it seem like it's not 100% their fault when the system breaks...which of course it is 100% their fault.


Let's see here...bought my system a month after launch and got RROD for the first time a week or so after they announced the three year warranty. Second console broke two years ago I think and that cost me $100 so this will be the third time. Despite the fact that it's gonna cost me $100, the part that really pisses me off is that I was in the middle of L.A. Noire and I wish this would have waited two weeks for me to finish it to break. Then I'd be on Imfamous 2 and wouldn't need my 360 for a while. Now I'm gonna have nothing to play for two weeks.

Well I just placed the order. It's funny how the cost of making the consoles goes down over time yet the repair price stays at $100. And with this second $100 repair I will have officially paid just as much money for my Xbox as I did for (what I thought was) the much more expensive PS3.

The 3 red lights can happen on a power failure. I had this happen to me but it was my own fault. My feet in my gaming area are close to my powerstrip and I didn't plug it in properly so when I moved my feet it caused a power failure. Did you call support for some help?

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Nah, no one speaks English on the Microsoft phones and I didn't want to bother. I just did it online and it was done in a second. My friend has an extra Xbox so I'm just using his till mine gets back.

i know how you guys feel. my dvd player in the xbox 360 slim died right after i updated it back on may 20th (may 19th update)