RROD Issue 1st Gen

I have a 1st gen Xbox that my brother-in-law didn't want anymore. He said if I could fix it I could have it. Since the Xbox is no longer under warranty, even for RROD issues. I feel pretty confident in opening it up and doing a few things myself to it.


Right now it has two red lights in the 2nd and 4th quadrant (both red lights on the right). I have seen no threads or topics of any sort on the internets that have any information or even a fix for this issue. Anyone else have an idea?


InB4 2 red lights on the right of a 1st gen = place in garbage


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Also, it is not because of overheating. That would be two on the left.

There are lots of books you can buy to walk you though repairs and working out whats causing the fault. HERE is a couple of books you can buy from Amazon buy there's loads around like Ebay Etc. Also try Download PDF Free.com there might be some guilds with may help you.

NOTE: I wouldn't use Youtube video's, you can never be sure if the person in the video really knows what he/she is doing.

Is anything displayed on the screen when it flashes the code?