So is it me, or does hardened not work with the rpk?

I use hardened quite a bit and know what surfaces it works good on, what ones it doesnt, what angles work best etc ..........

But I was trying to do a contract with the rpk ,which I have used in the past with decent results, and it wont seem to hit anyone through most objects.

Anyone else notice this?


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It's just the gun. It sucks...hard.

    I realize its not great , but.............

    I was playing hc ffa on firing range and approached the plywood building from the center of the map. I saw a guy inside the doorway and as I started firing I stepped to the side just a bit so we couldnt see each other and unloaded on the wall where he was at. I reloaded and continued firing at this 3 foot wide spot where I had seen him from about 6 feet away. Assuming he had Moved to the other room I rushed through the doorwaay after him.

    Luckily I was still firing when I rushed the door because there he was, crouched in the same spot that I had put 1 1/2 mags into, but hadnt gotten one hitmarker until the obstruction was out of the way.

    I can normally kill someone through that wall in 1 or 2 shots in hc mode with just about any weapon ........ and 3 or 4 shots without using hardened. But with the rpk and hardened, it was though my bullets werent penetrating the wall at all.