R.P.G Factions (Need Players)

Hello, this is Realadge and please come and play my Factions World because most of the people that play are in my faction or they just join then leave. I'm looking for players that would be interested in joining in a RPG natural hard survival mode, with gamertags off and the rules are simple.

RULES: The aim of the game is to create a Faction/Team and try to survive by become allies or enemies with other Factions, kinda like the game "Civilization". You can trade with other Factions by using the currency GOLD. But be careful not all Factions are nice. We also have a "Faction Board" for people to represent their Faction. There are also meteorites around the world. If you find one, look inside for valubles. The only primary rules are not to destroy the "Faction Board" and no glitches such as "Duplicating". If you fail to follow, you will result getting banned for a long time (Forever). If your Faction is on the "Faction Board", you will be given a Ender Dragon Egg and you are to protect it at all costs, if someone takes it try to get it back.

This is a Hardcore RPG Factions server, so if you get killed please don't whine and complain if you die. Its part of the game just get revenge or live somewhere that no one can find you. Also this isn't just about taking over every Faction, its about creating a Civilization.

CONTACT: If you are interested in joining this Factions World, just send me a message or a friend request to my gamertag: Realadge.


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