RPG-7 Master II Emblem

Anyone know what the emblem is for 500 multi kills?

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There is none. It's a glitch they never fixed.

People actually use that thing?

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People actually use that thing?


I swear, if I shoot an RPG at the bunker on Afghan, it will hit the helicopter on Highrise.

Its really not that hard to use and I get doubles all the time

@issac lol. So true. Its bad when I intentionally try to miss my target so I can hit it.

Its only good with Danger Close, but how do I see how many kills I have with it? I probably over 2500 or so. I think I have over 30,000 with AA12.

I got the 250 multi-kills with it...Its the RPG "red crosshairs headshot" title. Once I found out it was a glitch, I was PISSED.

AT4 is easily 10x better. If you using danger close, you my as well use that. it also locks on and can take down KSRs.