roxio game capture vs black magic intensity pro

I keep my roxio game capture or buy a black magic intensity pro?

my roxio game capture gameplay is real bed videos and black magic intensity pro have HDMI input, output and record the best gameplay ever


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I own a Hauppauge HD-PVR and it has given me amazing results for the past 2 years. I have a few friends that have Black Magic Intensity Pro cards and they work well for them. Here is my suggestion. If you are just starting out making youtube videos or have a very small audience right now then stick with the roxio. Once you start getting more and more subscribers and feel the need to upgrade your quality of your videos then buy the Black Magic Intensity Pro. When I first started youtube two years ago I started with a Dazzle Capture Card. It was not the best quality by any means but it was a good way to start out. Once I had hit 500 subs I then upgraded to an HD-PVR. I later ended up deleting my youtube account which I regret terribly -.-


But yah thats my suggestion for you.

the gameplay record on roxio is not real good video

Roxio is like a Dazzle in the quality of video.


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YT needs moAr COD vids....................../facepalm. Id say if you got the cash to blow, get the more expensive one. If not, then dont.

I am buying black magic intensity pro for £151, is a good gameplay record, easy to use too and I like to using HDMI on my xbox

not a HD av

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