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here's the deal.. my boyfriend & I got a D-Link Extreme Gaming Router. fails on the range. and we have horrible lag playing games (mw3 - but I'm reading that everyone is having this as well??

airport extreme base station doesn't support a certain mtu.

tried dual band, fails

I have Verizon Fios, coax to their Actiontec router for the DVR and On Demand options. Strictly for that. Ethernet connection for the wireless router so we can play games. we ran into moderate and strict nats since they updated the firmware on their router. So we went this route.

Here's my question since I said all of the above - What router will support two Xbox's, playing mw3 or any game for that matter, while being in a party, etc knowing all of the above. I need some opinions because it's driving him nuts and he has spent countless hours trying to fix the internet. Both want Open Nat obviously.

Anyone have any suggestions on the best router to get before I keep spending on everything single one in the store?


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    I had my answer for you until the last paragraph .. but perhaps it will still work.



    Most providers give you at least two ips. I dont use a router at all for gaming. I have a network hub. One feed from it goes straight to my xbox, another feed goes to my router and then branches off to my computers.



    With a hub .. ( note ... a HUB .... not a switch, ..... not a hub/switch combo) its basically like feeding straight from your modem. You dont have to worry about setting anything to get a better performance, it is already the best conection you'll get.



    The downside is no wireless ......... but wireless isnt as dependable as wired, so if you are looking for optimal performance, wired is the way to go.



   As far as more than one xbox .... I've heard people say that running 2 consoles through a router yeilds one with a less than open nat. I'm sure there would be a way around this ...... but I've never heard anyone say how. But you could possibly run one box from a hub and the other from a router .  Of course it would be great if you had more than 2 ips, you could run both consoles off the hub ............ but its also possible you only have one ip, which means you just wasted a couple minutes of your life reading this.

The direct answer to your question is here

As you can see there's a vast selection of acceptable routers.

I run two XBOXes using a Dlink, one hardwired and the other wireless. The hardwired one is port forwarded and the wireless is just default setting. Both have static LAN IPs. I have a cable internet connection (10 mbs down/ .5 mbs up).

How to use port forwarding (

Try this site. It lists a world of routers. Find yours and follow the instructions. Three basics you will need to do;

  • set a static IP for your console
  • enable UPnP
  • open select ports for forwarding to-from the console

Good luck. It isn't difficult.