Romulus Dungeons?

is there any way to navigate them easily? i want to get all the treasure and stuff in the "wolves among the dead" memory sequence but i cant find an easy way other than just running everywhere and hoping i don't miss anything.


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Do the mission fast for the 100%, then replay them for the treasures.

For Cloaca Maxima (the sewers), Try to get'em fast so you don't miss out on the whole sequence.

In the Wolves among the dead memory, follow the burning torches to find your way through fast, then you can just explore the memory afterwards.

Or you can do the "slow" treasure/flag run first to get familiar with the layout, and breeze through it on the second run.

If I have finished the game will it still show me on the map where the romulus dungeons are if I replay memories? I have 10 borgia flags to get all in secret locations and the doors to the dungeons are locked after finishing the game.

Not sure about the map, but you'll be able to get back in the dungeons if you replay a memory, yes.

The lairs won't show up on the map once you complete them. You'll be able to go back to them in the DNA menu however in Sequence 2 (the one where Nicollo tells you to go to the entrance) and the Secret Lairs part of the DNA menu.