Romulus - Catacombe de Roma


Does anyone know how to get that Borgia Flag that is on that beam high up in the cavern room with the plaforms suspended from ropes? I believe that is the only 1 I missed there and have died a hundred times trying to jump up the cavern walls.  I did manage to jump to a wooden box near the entrance, but you cannot move up or left to go up higher, and when you are on it, all you can do is B Drop and die. 

Also, if you want to get a secret borgia or treasure, and go back to a 100% sync location, when you get the flag, must you get 100% sync again or when it is unlocked, you can replay and not worry about losing your 100% sync?  Reason I ask, is I finally 100% synced the Catacombe de Roma and thank you, don't want to do again. 

Thanks for the help!! 



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