Rome Total War II

Xbox One needs more strategy games to be released and you couldnt get any bigger that this one, C&C have become to kiddy need real game time war game like this one. And hopefully people will feel the same way as I. 


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Unless the One supports keyboard and mouse the game would be horribly cut down to work with a controller.

That's not to say it still wouldn't be a good game. It just wouldn't be the game you remember.

Wasn't Rome II a buggy mess with totally broken AI?

Like the ships sailing on sand, yep bugged to hell at release.

From reading various sites though, most 'big' bugs seem to have been dealt with.

Personally I'm still having rage fits from Medieval II, where after every successful battle a person from Rome would burn the General at the stake for being a heretic. Happened every damn time.

See I agree they could use more strategy games on the X1 but then vote raises a pretty good point too. I haven't played it before but is Halo Wars the same sort of deal? If so would it work if they borrowed what ever they did to make HW work?

I'm very inexperienced with this genre on console.

If X1 supported Keyboard and Mouse, and Rome 2 came out for the X1, I would buy the X1 in a heartbeat.

Well that's one sale there! lol. Though I bet a few would if keyboard and mouse became supported, it would surely open up a door to possibility. It's just the likeliness of it happening that's the biggest factor here :/