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So I was just wondering how everyone went with the romance side of the game. I jumped at the chance to get to know Garrus better but was kinda disapointed by how it turned out. It was romantic and all but... uh, guess I was expecting something a bit steamier? Did I do something wrong here? Please fill me in on the lurid details of your own romantic adventures.

On a related note, how dahm flirty was Shepard in this game?! Being dead for that long makes you kind of randy I guess ;)


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I have done one playthrough with every LI, but I have to say my favorite was with Liara, With Miranda and Ashley being a close second and third.

I've done them all except Tali. I just can't bring myself to romance her, she feels too much little a little sister.


What is annoying about the second game in this regard, is that so much character development is tied to the romances. Jack is the worst for this and as a female Shepard so much of Jack's development is cut off from you.

For my first Male Shepard... it was Tali. There was something so innocent and naive yet also sweet and compassionate here. That and no matter how many times I've played ME1/ME2, I can't be mean to her... ever.

Second Male Shepard, romanced Ashley in ME1 (so was locked with her and no temptation with Liara) yet killed her off on Virmire and got with Miranda in ME2.

Third Male Shepard was with Ashley (She gets hawt in ME3, so I have to have a loyal Shepard for her ready)... even though the only other Ashley WIlliams I know is one with a boomstick and chainsaw attachment for his right hand and kills deadites lol.

Female Shepard wise... stuck with Liara. Didn't like Kaiden... and for ME2, Garrus was too much of a brother figure, Jacob seemed too much like Jacob Black at times (sorry... read a fanfic with that comparison of Jacob Taylor to Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner (Come on... kinda obvious that was a tip of the hat there with that combination) in Twilight and it stuck... and I HATE TWILIGHT!! VAMPYRES DON'T FRIKKIN GLOW IN DAYLIGHT!!!... ahem) and Thane seemed to spiritual to jump in the sack with.

I was always disappointed with the romance options for female Shepard in ME2.

Garrus - You can't really be with him without giving the other toxic shock, While there is a sweetness to the distant intimacy they have, and their shared history makes it a logical choice, it's hard to picture this working long term. This goes for Tali as well - never actually explained how you can kiss Tali and have neither of you react to the other's saliva. While she took immuno-boosters to help, that should only help with the possibility of contaminate reaction and not with the toxicity of the skin and saliva genetics.

Thane - Wow, what a mess to step into here. Thane declares that he does not regrets any of the deaths he has caused because it was his body, not his soul, that is responsible. And yet, he is tormented by what he does, referring to himself as "the wicked" after killing Nassana Dantius and dedicating himself to noble causes prior to his death. There are a lot of issues Thane has to work out, including the death of his wife and alienating his son on top of his own crisis of conscience and impending death. Even if your attachment to him causes him to rethink the lung transplant he has otherwise declined, this is a rocky path to travel. And it doesn't help my sensibilities that he's supposed to be so cool that I can't resist his mysterious, spiritual warrior charm.

Jacob - The problem with Jacob for me is that I cannot talk to him. If you ask him about anything non-mission related, female Shepard sounds breathless and aroused. "I'd just like to talk about YOU for a bit..." "I'm just more interested in getting to know YOU..."  It's like the decision is already been made for me, and I'm just to fall in line with my intended romance. Even with Kaidan, Ashley, and Liara in ME1, Shepard never showed this much obvious interest in anyone.

I play as FemShep...and actually none of them(the Love Interests) are that's very stilted. Just on personality...I think Jacob is a ***....Garrus is fine but kinda goofy....Thane is well...dying.....gawd who else is there....yeah slim pickings for sure....since I did ME1 I picked I guess I'll carryover that to ME3, by not romancing anyone in ME2. I do know that the Liara character for ME1 and the DLC Shadow Broker, is done fairly well. I may do a play through for ME1&2 with her. There's some interesting dialogue points (see Youtube).

I've completed every LI possible from both games - including staying single.


Liara is probably the best option over both games, thanks to LotSB.

Jack's story is probably the best for male Shepard's, but female Shepard's kinda get screwed because none of the storylines for the male LIs are that interesting.

[quote user="BigMachine34"]

Haha, I had no idea about those responses from Liara. They're great!

Are those said before or after completing Shadow Broker?

[/quote]You get them after defeating the Shadow Broker's assassin.

Opinion? Fox pretty much ruined the possibility of getting anything more than Mirandas scene.  Pretty tame.  If you want something hotter, Mass one is as good as it's likely to get.

Jack's my personal favorite LI

I'm curious...

If you start a fresh ME2 game, is it assumed your character has romanced someone, or does the game assume they stayed single in the first game?  Haven't tried this for myself, but when you start a new game your character has always let the opposite *** die on Virmire.  So is it assumed you romanced Kaiden/Ashley?

Unless you play the Genesis DLC.....

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