Role Players, Adults only, no one under 18 allowed.

Looking for Adult friends to play RDR no one under the age of 18. no griefers or cheaters. I'm always looking for mature friends to play with I'm 20 but only until june. I recently just bought RDR but I've played it for years. thought it was time to buy the game since it was 75% off on marketplace. I'm tired of going around in games being yelled at by some kids who is still in elementary yelling homophobic slanders and saying how much they've slept with my mom >.> especially when I kill them and they cry about it saying how I cheated. I'm also into role playing I just figured others like to play while role playing too but if its not you thing then thats ok too. I'll be getting undead nightmares pack when I get the money hopefully on the first I've always had a thing with being a zombie so its just a cool idea. btw zombie characters are welcome just don't go around killing people because you or they are a zombie I'm hoping that I can have a role playing kinda of fantasy and western mix.. maybe if there are good zombies who still have a grip on reality instead of being blood thirsty cannibals and the zombies that are feral zombies can kill. I have a weird since of role play I know.. But Feel free to Add me if you are interested!

even make a bio for your character for example:

name: Murdoc Fluxes

Alias: The Zombie

age: 21

Sex: Male

Relationship: SIngle

Children: none

Back Story (not needed but if you want to): Murdoc was an ordinary man who made wrong choices in the past, he came across a traveling salesman who offered him a pocket watch that looked like pure gold and diamonds in the hands of the watch. Murdoc asked the man how much and he sold it too him for a messily 500$. he asked why only 500? the man told him that the watch was cursed and he was willing to sell if for only 500$ or the best offer. Murdoc bought the pocket watch because he didn't believe in curses or any of the superstition. later that night while he was laying in bed he heard foot steps coming from the front of the house, he went to go check it out. by the time he opened the door he was shot through the heart by a man in a black clothes and a top hat. he didn't get a good look at the mans face.. everything was going black.... several hours later he woke up in a grave, making his way through the dirt and rocks he raised  from his grave to find that he had been dead for 4 hours. his tombstone said "Murdoc died age 21, so young to be taken, died of natural causes" when Murdoc read died of natural causes he looked at his chest.. there were no bullet wounds.. nothing. Murdoc was going to find out what happened to him if he had to roam the earth for all eternity. this was only the beginning.

well Feel free to Add me if you are interested. see you round partner.


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People over 18 shouldn't be roleplaying...

People under 18 shouldn't be roleplaying ;)