RoG Revolution of Gaming Battlefield 4 Xbox One Brigade

Hi Everyone,

Hi guys & girls, I am recruiting for RoG Revolution of Gaming. We have an awesome Xbox One Battlefield 4 Brigade. We have event, graphics, news, podcast,  and twitch teams! If you have any questions, or would like to join, please message me back.

If anyone wants to join our friendly gaming community give us a shout!

I am the leader of the Xbox One Battlefield 4 Brigade called Nemesis. We have weekly scheduled Battlefield 4 gamenights and Xbox Live party meetings. We have a complete rank structure system(the more you post and participate on xbox live and in the RoG forums the quicker you rank up).

I am looking for people specificially who are getting the Xbox One Console and Battlefield 4 for Xbox One. You must have a working Xbox One Chat headset.

Follow these steps to register for my RoG Nemesis Xbox One Battlefield 4 Brigade:

1. Go to click “Click Here 2 Register!” 

2.Make sure your username is entered exactly the same as your gamertag so we can recognize you easier on the forums (this can be changed later on the forums if you choose to change your gamertag in the future. Which btw is not a requirement for this clan).

3. Make sure you enter me RoG Shawzborne as the referer in the section marked "Who refered you to RoG?"

4. Make sure in the Xbox Live Gamertag form field you enter your current valid Xbox Live Gamertag.

5.Once you have register for the RoG website you need to confirm and activate your RoG account by heading to the email account you registered with and clicking the activation link

6.. Go back to > Click Rog brigades at the top then click join a Brigade! > Scroll down to where it says Battlefield 4 Brigades and click to join RoG Nemesis Brigade,

7. Fill out the form and submit it. 

8.Last part! You are almost there! Go to this link and highlight the bubble beside RoG Nemesis > then click 'Join Group' at the bottom > Please be sure to put a reason why, as it won't take your request without one. :)

Once you accept the user group, the brigade chatboxes, Brigade list, and such will be visible to you. Also feel free to make a thread in the Introduction/Welcome back section introducing yourself to everyone!

I will then send you a Private Message on the RoG website with instructions on how to navigate the site and much more. You are now part of RoG Nemesis Brigade LET'S GAME!

If you have any questions regarding any the above or for more info do not hesitate to send me an Xbox Live text message to my gamertag RoG Shawzborne

We all hope you decide to check us out and hope you have an awesome time if you decide to signup and meet some cool people:)

~RoG Shawzborne


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