RoG changes the game!

Hey everyone,

I'd like to invite you to join Revolution of Gaming. We have thousands of gamers, broken into brigades and companies that give you a close-knit sense of gaming. We have brigades for Battlefield 3, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Halo 4 and communities of gamers on FIFA 13, Madden 13, Forza Horizon and more. We also have a PC brigade and have a network of PS3 gamers as well. We have brigades worldwide as well. There is something for everyone with us. There are NO age or skill requirements with us... no trying out, unless you decide to get into our competitive gaming realm.

We require that you have a mic because teamwork is our forte. I was tired of playing FPS games in silent lobbies where no one worked together and people only cared about the most kills, rather than winning the game. RoG changed the game for me, and my network of gaming friends widely expanded. Plain and simple, we work together and prosper together.

We offer:

  • Podcast team
  • Graphics team
  • Event Staff
  • YouTube team
  • Recruitment team
  • News team
  • Competitive teams (GameBattles and others)
  • Military Rank structure
  • VIP area/benefits
  • Tournaments & Rewards

How do you join?

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account on our forums and confirm your e-mail address. (Use: Inferno20 as your referrer if you wish)
  3. Click Join A Brigade">Join A Brigade
  4. Use the format requested to apply to a brigade of your choice
  5. Wait for a commander to accept your application (usually within 24 hours)
  6. Introduce yourself on the forums!

I look forward to gaming with you!


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Thanks for the link to this in the pm, a very good organised layout whic has me interested with your clans community, only one of the 3 previous clans ive been in has matched up to this so be expecting to hear from me soon.

Thanks again bro

now heres where im at with this ty for the link and this might be for me if i can somehow show you guys what i can do with squad or whatever you guys call it ive been waiting for the right clan to rank up in so i can show that i can be a leader and I also want to pm you inferno about something that i want to know if i could do.