ROFL Turn 1 Darksteel Colossus

Was playing against Karn.  While it did not happen until turn 3, clearly the deck has the ability to do this.  Have seen it go land, mox, mox, mox on the play so clearly can cast cast Tinker turn 1 on the play then drop Darksteel Colossus before you even draw.  What a sight T1 11/11 with trample and is indestructable.  Craziest boss deck yet imo.


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Remind me what is tinkers cost?  is it 2u?   I havent got this yet still deciding, still no custom decks, just ability to tweak it isn't enough so probably won't be getting it.    

But man I thought tinker was forever banned in all formats and restricted in T1.   that card alone makes me recount nightmares when urza's cycle was in the current t2 rotation years and years ago.  even in these weak decks that wizards insist are fun to play, perhaps for newbies, not for 15 year veterans of the game, I I can see tinker being pretty dominating still.   even with DC.

Wish wizards would bring in world championship decks, or national decks from years past, those would be awesome to play at least.      What I would give to play a prosperous bloom or an ,old necropotence or bargain deck again, sharrazad, stasis, draw go no's, high tides, living death, wildfires, pox, solartron, etc


I was playing Arch Enemy against Tezzeret and he did pull out a Darksteel Colossus on turn 1 thanks to the scheme card.

That made me just restart the duel. No way can I do anything from Turn 1 with that on the board. At least it didn't happen against Kiora, she has a 10/10 and 11/11 with Annihilator 4. That on Turn 1 is like instant death.

What really grinds my gears is Bolas' Scheme order. 75% of the time on the first hand I have to discard 2 cards because I have no creatures to destroy.

Yep Tinker is 2 colorless and 1 blue.

i used to have a tinker deck in urza's block, was so much fun... type 2 n extended had a lot of beast decks at the time, was probably the only time tinker wasn't broken... just cuz of the competition..

half of the urza's block was broken.   from time spiral, stroke of genius, tolarian academy, cradle, grim monoliths.     Although I had a blast playing extended with urza's.     Donate plus Illusions of grandeur from ice age.


but still some of those combos were fun to pull off.