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Sorry to plagiarize yet I saw this on the Epic forum and I found it pretty interesting:

Let’s Start With The Stats
The most played Horde Map in Gears 3 is Overpass. Rod also stated that this wasn’t the most popular map when it came to multiplayer and that when they were doing testing, the studio did a lot of testing on the map Dry Dock. Also, the percentage of players who have completed the first 10 waves of the new Horde mode is 56.4%. And finally, only 1% of the Gearheads have completed the Gears of War 3 campaign on insane difficulty. 89,394,000 waves of Horde have been played since the release of Gears 3. 6 million Horde matches have been played.

Onto The Playlists
The first playlist that Rod mentioned was Torque Bow Tag with the aim of getting that going this weekend with new and improved ways to manipulate the weapon spawns in game. They also want to make it to where you spawn with Torque Bows as well because in the last game, people went around using the shotgun or rifles which wasn’t Torque Bowie enough so fingers crossed for that. A Gnasher shotgun only event was mentioned. And finally the Classic Playlist topic pops in, but nothing is confirmed for that yet.

Green Skin Frenzy!
The Epic team is looking to find ways so that everyone can get their hands on the Liquid Green Metal Skins on an international level and potentially in other US promotions too. Rod suggests using all of your available social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Epic Forums, etc.) to try and get these skins in the meantime.

Talking the ”Horde Command Pack DLC“
DLC #1 as most of you know is tailored towards Horde. There is a new fortification called the Command Center and it will have 3 levels to it and is designed to be a “big red panic button,“ so to speak. When you are the last person in your 5 man squad and all you have left is this big red button and your trusty gun, you can go and press it to have these outside sources come in and assist you. The first level will be a Sniper team that will come in and start popping headshots for you. The second level will be a Mortar strike, which of course will make Mortars rain in on a specific location. The final level is a Hammer of Dawn strike on a specific location. Of course, you will have to build up to these levels. On the maps that aren’t Hammer and Mortar friendly (like Rustlung and Checkout), you will see Onyx Guard squads come in with Boomshot’s and Vulcan Cannons to mow down and blow up various enemies within the wave. You can checkout some of the gameplay footage from this on Tuesday of next week during X-Play on G4 (check your local provider for listings). Command Centers will be available on the shipped maps and the new DLC maps as soon as you download the update.

The Sentry Gun has a new upgrade to it that includes flame shots to it. So, playing Beast on the 3 new maps, plus the old maps, and trying to run around with an Armored Kantus or Berserker is going to be a LOT harder than before. The Decoy has a final upgrade that can now turn it into a Onyx Guard bot that will follow you around and fight along side you in Horde. This is great for those who enjoy playing Horde alone. Finally, the Silverback has its new upgrade that now includes rockets and an upgraded white color to show that the Silverback is “elite” level.

New Maps and Old Insights
Of course, the 3 maps that will be included with the DLC are Rustlung, Blood Drive, and Azura. Behind the scenes information with Rustlung, it was originally supposed to be a morgue type medical facility. The torpedo bays in the middle of the map used to raise and create cover were originally supposed to be operating tables. But, because they weren’t digging it as a design and they liked how the Raven’s Nest was set up for the campaign, they decided to keep the name and just make it a map in the belly of the ship. Blood Drive was included because it was the #1 map played in Gears 2 Horde. Karried from the Epic Forums asked, “You guys stated that Blood Drive was played most frequently Horde map due to it being the brightest map. So, why did you reflect it to being night time?” Rod answered: We didn’t say that it was the main reason for it being played the most frequently due to its brightness, but due to its ability to hunker down and create a base within the nade room and those little hallways. If the person hosting a party has these maps, everyone inside the party gets to play on the maps. These maps will not be available to play on multiplayer right away, but it will be possible at a later date. Stay tuned for that information.

New Characters and Skins!
The 3 new characters you will get are Bernie Mataki, Big Rig Dizzy, and the Onyx Guard. You will be able to play as these characters in versus multiplayer right away. Chappe11e asked, “will the DLC multiplayer characters need to be unlocked before you can play with them?” Answer, no. Finally, 2 new weapon skins will be included and they are the Team Plasma skin and a Jungle skin.

Get New Achievements, Like A Boss
250 points of new achievements are available with a focus on the cooperative modes – four will be for Horde mode and one will be for Beast mode.

The Host With the Most (25G) – Host 5 players privately in Horde on 1 of the new DLC maps.
Places to See, People to Destroy (25G) – Host 5 players privately in Beast on 1 of the new DLC maps.
What Does This Button Do? (50G) – Raise the Silverback to its rocket upgrade and get 500 kills with the rockets to earn this achievement.
It’s Hammer Time (50G) – Upgrade the Command Post to its 4th level and unlock the Hammer of Dawn fortification upgrade.
Kill Locust Like A Boss (100G) – Go into any boss wave with all 5 members of your party as Onyx Guard characters and beat it on Hardcore difficulty.

What’s Up Next?
DLC 2 is tailored around the Campaign. It’s a brand new story with brand new characters ,and more details will be coming soon.

General Q&A
What’s happening about the Vengeful medal?
They are looking into softening the requirements somehow, but no decisions have been made yet.

Can we get weapon skins for other weapons like pistols, nades, etc?

Can we see Shriekers in Beast?
Potentially. But, after testing everything out before, it might not be likely.

Will there be difficulty options for Horde and Beast in public?
No. But, they can change it themselves up for special weekends or based on various stats about how people are coping with difficulty levels.

Will you remove the timestamp requirement for the Domination achievement to unlock the Chrome Lancer?

Can a Quick Match playlist style for Horde be added?
Due to the segmentation of horde and not knowing the wave/map you are going into, this is not going to happen.

How do Epic feel about the DBS?
The DBS IS being looked into, so have faith. They are also wanting to test weapon swaps on various maps.

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Quoting an article isn't plagarism.  Thanks for the info!

Very informative, thanks

Nice rip, thanks for the info, very helpful =)

Thanks man! Great info!

Those horde cheevos look beast. I'm ready!

cool thanks

I  hope they keep this game in order.  They never did fix Gears 2.

I don't like the achievement only beacuse i don't have 5 people playing this game at anyone time and even then they won't all get the DLC

[quote user="JaRizzz"]

I don't like the achievement only beacuse i don't have 5 people playing this game at anyone time and even then they won't all get the DLC

[/quote]only one person needs the dlc in a private match as long s the hot has the dlc you can play on them

Thanks for this, does anyone want to do the 'kill locust like a boss' achievement, i have 2 other friends that will be getting the dlc but will need 2 more to do that.

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