rockstar you joke name and shame these glitchers

this game has glitchers than i dont no what you emaiul them and they dont reply,you post on there fb page and they delete your post

think its about time these glitchers got what they deserve and banned heres a few nicks xbox


[Mod Removed: Please do not name and shame on the forums]


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Do not name and shame here.

An ambassador that uses profanity in a thread title and breaches forum rules in their post. The program should be abolished, it's a joke.

The forums in general are a joke.

What's an ambassador?Not a joke,i really don't know:P

I think ambassadors are unpaid microsoft employees. They've S'd enough D's to get an olive branch under their name in the forums.

[quote user="Honourless"]

What's an ambassador?Not a joke,i really don't know:P


Volunteered help/support. That's it. We only attempt to help people having issues with games, their hardware, or other instances. We cannot request personal info or anything else to help, either. It's pretty straightforward. Anybody can sign up to be one, too.

And are madedd skulls levels of miss infor mation vary a lot less :)

Welcome to GTA, my friend! It's been like this since GTA: IV MP. We tried doing R* told us to do with modders: "Report all modders to banhammer@r*, yadda, yadda, yadda". Well, a lot of us on the forums did just that and two things happened:

1) R* either never listened or completely ignored the complaints.

2) Players who reported got mad at R* and decided to post the names of the glitchers/modders on the forums, which you've already seen leads to the player violating the "Name and Shame" Policy of the forums.


You have four options:

1) Continue to complain to R* and hope they do something about it

2) Wait for a future patch to come out by R*

3) Avoid/Block players

4) Get them intentionally into the Bad Sport server (wouldn't recommend)

^It's ironic that you're so against glitchers and yet you're ok with boosting which has the same end result as glitching for money, albeit a slower way.