Rockstar warns: Don't install GTA5 Xbox 360 "play" disc - Install mandatory 8GB "install disc" only.



UPDATE: Digital Foundry, which has access to the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 5, has offered an explanation for Rockstar's recommendation against installing the "play" disc.

"Rockstar recommends that you shouldn't install the GTA5 play disc on Xbox 360 and it's sound advice," Digital Foundry chief Richard Leadbetter said.

"When you first get the game, the first order of business is installing the mandatory content from disc one - this accounts for 7.7GB of data to install on your hard drive. Now, there's absolutely nothing stopping you installing disc two - the 'play' disc - onto the hard drive too, using the Xbox 360's dashboard to do so. It takes up an additional 7.8GB of storage. However, doing so impacts the game's ability to stream texture data, resulting in regular pop-in of in-game objects and textures.

"So what's the story here? Well, optimal streaming is achieved by making us of all the available bandwidth in the system. Why stream just from the hard drive when you can run in data simultaneously from both the disc and the HDD? Based on what we're seeing on the Xbox 360 version, perhaps running both DVD and HDD assets from just the one source slows down access times, impacting streaming performance. It's not game-breaking stuff, but it does take you out of the moment when it does manifest and for that reason we can't recommend installing the play disc.

"GTA5 isn't available for digital delivery on Xbox Live, but we are curious what the impact - if any - will be on the PS3 version, as that is available as a PSN download. The Digital Foundry Face-Off - due tomorrow morning at 11am - is based on comparison of the two retail disc versions of the game."


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FYI: Install at your own risk! This means your Xbox 360 will be working overtime. Make sure it's well ventilated.

Eh, install the Play disc to a fast USB Memory Unit. Problem solved.


You'd think they'd learn after Halo 3...

wow, thought Rockstar was on top of things

pretty interesting. may explain why they are going with a non off the shelf drive in x1. also shows how far developers will go to maximize and optimize. a big reason the whole specs debate is not something to worry about for a long time.

tbh I always install my games thank god for a 350gb hd because I have had to bad an experience with disc read errors this was the cause of ALL my 360 failures never had the RROD and now install everything and watch no movies on it lol

Good job I'm not getting GTA5

i dont get why people thing this is a problem. to me this is the developer maximizing the machine, using every available resource. i think it is smart.

Look's like i'll be getting it for ps3 then.  Gotta love blue ray


So glad I gave up after GTA 4. Rockstar has screwed the pooch even before launch.

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