Rockstar Support Forums Suck!

I've been waiting an hour and have no response except they told me I could reply to my own post lol, im getting mad


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It is after hours on a weekend so that might be a reason.I remember having a problem with Dragon Age DLC and found a number in the game manual to call support directly on the phone.It was so much easier to get the help I needed.Maybe try finding a phone number and calling them on Monday?

After only an hour of waiting? Seriously? Sorry, but you need to have patience. There are limited workers and many people having problems, you'll just have to have some patience. Plus support never answer back within an hour, if if does, it's probably one of the best supports around ever. Also, The Holidays are here, so it's probably going to be longer.

so what do you expect the xbox forums to do for you? what is your problem? who knows, someone might be able to help you.

Apparently some people seem to think that forums are supposed to be live chat support.

I know its not live chat support which is why it sucks lol, but my problem got fixed by microsoft anyways cuz their awesome.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Yeah,   The Rockstar forums suck so, why not complain about it at the XBOX forums...??.....   That makes sense.   Looks like more than an hour/day  passed by here aswell.......   I'm glad your issue was worked out.....  Merry Christmas.