Rockstar games = console killers

I picked up this game over the weekend and after playing for 30 mins my console E-74'd me...this is the second time this has happened, the first time was with L.A. Noire...what's up with Rockstar games killing my xboxs?!?


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I don't know, last time I had any problems with games like GTA and RDR, my Xbox shut down because it was overheated. I just took an air compressor to it and it works after.

i highly doubt its the game, but here are a few tips to keep your console from overheating. the first seems like a no brainer, but you have to keep it in a clean and well ventilated area. putting it on a shelf in your entertainment center isnt enough, once a week you should dust it off to keep the air vents clear (i just swiffer during my weekly dust cleaning). the ventilation should come naturally from the console and not an aftermarket device that plugs into the console, because that drains the consoles energy. if your set up has doors that close to hide your gear, keep the door with the console open to ensure its getting enough air circulation. during hot days (summer especially) if you are going to be playing for extended (4+) hours, it might be ideal for you to have a fan that you keep in the room of the console that can oscillate to the console to keep the air flowing. this is especially true if your set up has other electronic things such as your cable box, router, or other consoles because things such as your router and cable box will force hot air from their cooling methods into your setup. (i have had a lot of 90+ degree days this summer and even with my central air, my entertainment stand gets HOT). remember that if you have a plasma television that your television is constantly radiating heat while it is turned on, so good ventilation is key.

another thing that greatly helps alleviate stress to your console is to install games that are very large, graphic intense, cutscene intense, multiplayer intense, etc etc etc. most if not all of these apply to games R* publishes, so a quick install from the dashboard menu only makes your console spin the disc during the game start up. you still need the disc to play, but the console wont spin the disc constantly during your gameplay, making the console do much less work and boosting your great cleaning habits and ventilation techniques. the nice thing about the installation process is that you can just delete installed games whenever you need more room when you move onto your next title, and it lessens the chance of you damaging your games in the console itself.

because you had this issue before with a previous title i would definitely take krayus earlier advice and grab yourself a can of compressed air to spray into your vents on the console. you can find these cans of air at any walmart or office supply store and they are generally in the electronics or the cleaning section. its an initial small investment to clean the gunk built up in your vents without dissembling your console to do so (because remember, when you take it apart your void the warranty).

lastly, since your post didnt include what type of console you had, i am putting this in: depending on your chipset in your console you may be more likely to experience overheating problems based upon how the console is assembled internally. the older the console is, the more likely you will have this issue (newer generation consoles typically have a chipset that reduces power consumption from your console to keep it cooler and to prevent the RROD). basically some consoles have internal set ups in their motherboards that are prone to overheating. if you have an older console its even more crucial to think about how much cleaning and ventilation need to go into your console to get the performance you need without having to fork out the extra cash to buy a new console.

tl:dr version: clean out your vents, keep your set up clean, keep your set up cool, might be your chipset and nothing you can really do about it.

lastly, this is all from personal experience that i have had with current as well as past consoles. 

You just have bad luck.

no way is it "bad luck"

Definitely don't get one of those aftermarket coolers.  A friend of a friend had one of those get fused onto the back of the housing from overheating and it VOIDED the warranty.