Where are the rockets for the silverbacks? I'm trying to get the 500 kills achievement but got no rockets. Do I have to have a specific level acquired to unlock the rockets or what? Any info would help

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Thanks for the info, looks like I'll be throwing on some insane adrenaline pumping music and start making some money

If you have a friend that can upgrade the silverback...he can buy it for you and then quit out (you must host). Once it's purchased, you can repair it.

Well crud... Looks like I might as well go after a different achievement for the moment...I'm only half way to level 2. Unless there's an easy way to level it?

Level 3 plus it cost an extra 10,000 to boost to the rockets so you need $22500 to get the rockets once you are on level 3

Money counts more in insane horde than in casual.  So you'll level up faster on harder difficulties with hard mutators on.

Alternatively, if you know someone who has already got the silverback rocket upgrade you can use their silverback - I did this for two friends last night who couldn't be arsed to upgrade their silverbacks to level 3

silverback lvl 3

He doesn't have to quit...but you will get 500 kill before wave 30 if you are alone.