is DOWN!?

I just got RB3 and am trying to link my profile so that all my old scores show up from RB1+2... help!?  ANyone know if is down for good or will it be coming back? It's been down for a while now...


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It's been down for like a few days.


It'll be back up. Don't fret, little boy.

Also, check your email that's affiliated with your profile, you should have a message sent in the last week from Harmonix which discusses the outage...:-)

Also your old scores from RB1+2 wont show up. That was never a thing.

Already being insulted on here... ("little boy") lol... that didn't take long at all.  And dang... I thought old scores would show up... oh well, gives me incentive to play them again I guess! Also, EA sent me a code to use for the transfer, just for future reference, go to EA support and have them call or chat and they will send people the code if they downloaded RB3 is back up now...:-)

[quote user="Arkham99"] is back up now...:-)


Haha, well it was "back up" 15 minutes ago!  Seems as though they're doing another "SOUND CHECK" now, hopefully they'll get this sorted out soon enough.  The site looked the same as always and I even saw a "Welcome Back" post so it shouldn't be much longer...:-)

It wasn't meant as an insult, 

Careful when trying to redo your password on rock band website.  My virus protection picked up a hit when I tried.

It is fixed now,  just tried the reset password link and it worked fine.