rockband online rules?

are there any unwritten rockband rules when playing online? you know stuff you do to not **** ppl off


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Don't quit in the middle of a song

If playing with a keyboardist, for the love of God, do not pick a song without keys. You wouldn't choose YYZ when playing with a singer. You wouldn't choose She's Always A Woman with a drummer. So why do people think its okay to choose Crazy Train with a keyboardist.

Other then that just stick to things that are obvious:

Only choose one song per setlist

If there are two of you on guitar switch off between bass and guitar to give the other guy a chance

Don't leave your headset mic on if you're going to sing along or play drums

Don't hold down the right bumper if you are singing, no one wants to hear you sing 2 seconds off

Try to use overdrive at the same time as the drums (not as important as the rest but it does seem to be a good rule to follow)

Dont erase others songs from the setlist, they wanna play those songs just as much as you wanna play yours.  

how about skill level?  when i played RB2 most insisted on every one playing expert.  Would you rather a bandmate play on expert but just be able to get through the song or on hard where they can 99% the song?

Have a good amount of DLC and don't choose overplayed songs (Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, etc.) If you have DLC, then it's unlikely that your band mates will care what difficulty you play on.

Don't pick songs that are too long either, unless you consult your band mates and everyone agrees it's okay. Above all, don't pick more than one song per set.

dlc helps :)

in reply to shredders post...its more fun to play where u r most comfortable at...playin exp. if ur not ready really sucks cuz then you struggle the whole song...not enjoyable at all...if bandmates have a problem with u not playin exp. then time to find some new ones lol ;) totally agree with the rest,DLC does help :)

I think the biggest thing is everyone try to use overdrive at the same time.

cmon and play with me

It should be a general rule not to kick people out because they don't have the DLC you have.

There's nearly 4k songs to download on Rock Band. You can't force everyone to have your tastes.

Sad thing is, my Weezer packs are growing dusty~

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