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where's all the rockers at i miss a good gig now and again any-1 interested look 4 me on x-box live


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Do you have any downloadable content?

I stopped at Rb 2, and even that I dont play anymore.  Everytime Id go online to play, no one would have any kind of DLC, not even the free stuff, and they would pick the same few songs over and over.  

I got GH5, Lego RB, Green Day RB and both DJ Heroes.

Send me a message sometime, I'm a Master Guitarist ;D

No DLC Except for Dj Hero 1 and 2 by the way.

Rockband 3 just feels weird to me, I enjoyed RB2 way better and it seemed easier to find people to play with

I was a massive fan of Rock Band and while 2 improved a lot of the game mechanics the track list was a lot weaker. I eagerly awaited RB3 and then when I finally got it was totally underwhelmed. I found the whole menu navigation baffling and it just seemed lacking in a lot of areas. That said I rarely play them anymore.

u have green day RB?