Rock Band on the new X-Box??? Important question....

So they say that the new X-Box will probably be backwards compatible, which is great! But will the Rock Band Guitar and instruments work on the new console or are there plans to come out with a new title or instruments for the Next Box???


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All of these are rumors of course, Arkham.

There's been no official word as of yet, Harmonix has hinted recently that the long standing weekly DLC run (approx. 5 years) may be coming to an end this coming Spring, but that may not necessarily be a bad sign.  Endings also mean new beginnings and we can only hope that they're looking ahead to NextGen Console RockBand gameplay.  Few games garner as many replays as the RockBand Collection, the best thing we can do is to continue playing and purchasing DLC to justify the demand, they've only really scratched the surface of the goldmine of music that exists, they could easily make another Beatles' game for many of their most loved hits (Hey Jude, Yesterday, She Loves You, etc.) were absent in the first one, or how about a Rolling Stones' game?  The current RockBand Blitz catalogue is rumoured to be "replacing" the weekly DLC offerings for future compatibility with RockBand 3, which does suggest a return to instrument functionality instead of the "down-sized" Blitz "format", just keep on rocking for they WILL take notice of activity and DLC sales, they'd be stupid to walk away from a potential NextGen goldmine, perhaps even introduce Kinect support?  Who knows, stay tuned and don't touch that dial...:-)