I'm trying to help my grandsons (7&10) play the DRUMS that came with the ROCK BAND/FIRST EDITION.

Someone gave him the Drums, but apparently kept the guitar & game CD.  So I purchased the 1st & 2nd Rockband.

However, after setting up the Drums & connecting mic.cords, we were able to do the Tutorial on the Drums!  Cool!

However, now when we try to switch and go into the SOLO mode, we ONLY get the VOCAL mode for singing -which

we really don't want.  QUESTION:

How do we switch MODES back to DRUMS? 

We're tried restarting and rebooting the game, but it always comes back to the VOCAL mode?  Are you suppose to keep the MIC plugged into the USB port?

It's probably something simple, but this 66 yr old grandmother, can't not figure it out so her grandsons can play!

Can anyone WALK me thru instructions in order to play the DRUMS?  I hope so.

Thank you.



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This is your best bet to get this issue sorted out as not alot of people come to this forum anymore.

Unplug the mic, plug in the drums, turn on your xbox, and you should be signed in with your profile to play on drums..

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You were right,...........that DID work, and now we can play the DRUMS!!!

My grandsons love you!!!

Thanks for helping this old lady.