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ok me and my hubby both have profiles on our 1 xbox, when we first started playing rock band, i didnt have xbox live so everything got downloaded on his profile. he no longer plays any of the rock bands, but i would like to continue, but im not able to play any of the downloaded songs yet they keep popping up in random setlists and hindering my play because it will stop the setlist and i would have to go back and hope one of those songs isnt in there. anyone know what i can do to be able to play them, i dont want to delete them beacuse every once in a blue moon he wants to play and its not even all of the downloaded songs, just most of them


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If both profiles are on 1 xbox this is what you need to do,

1. Put in Rock Band game disc

2. Sign in with your account, choose instrument you would like to play

3. Sign in with husbands account, choose instrrument

4. From husbands instrument open the options menu and select drop out

By doing this your husband will remain signed in but he will not have to play. All the songs downloaded to his profile will now be available to play on your profile.

If you are playing offline and the songs are still not available to play it is because of licensing issues, to fix this you will need to go online and redownload the song that are giving you problems.

What you could do is get on his account and do the transfer lisence.