Robin vs Catwoman vs Batman

I have played as all 3 and each one has their own positives and negatives.  Batman is my favorite because I am more comfortable playing as him, but I love the catwoman spikes move to slow down a group.  Robins snap gadget is useful but I am far from good with it.  Anyone want to offer up an opinion as to who they think is the best.  And any Robin / Catwoman fighting strategies would be appreciated.


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well the first time I hit my 50x combo was with catwoman, I only get 30-40 with bats and robin i get low 20's. for some reason catwoman works more to my style although i suck and trying to disarm with her.

I use the whip with catwoman

Catwoman is awesome.

Don't have Robin, so I can't comment on his character. My favorite is still Batman, especially for the predator challenges, but there's something about fighting with Catwoman that just works.... like the 126x combo I got with her.

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Catwoman is awesome.