Rivet Gun?

What is the deal with this stupid weapon? Is it just me or does nobody know exactly what the secondary fire for this gun does. When I use the seconday fire I see bullets bouncing all over the place but I'm still not sure what it does.


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Any rivets already fired and sitting around (either in enemies or on the ground) immediately start firing again in random directions and ricochet off surfaces.  Essentially gives your rivets a second chance of damage after being fired normally.


It's a horrible gun.  I would rather melee my way through the game, than use that gun.  

What gun is that? I know of the seeker, plasma cutter, force gun, javelin, ripper, contact beam, pulse rifle, flame thrower and detonator. Maybe I'm not thinking of one.

It was a worthless pre-order bonus from Gamestop.

Haha o ok, I never even seen it but it sounds terrible.

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but it sounds terrible.

[/quote]it is