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I do not know about the rest of the public, but I for one am sick of playing all the normal tournament fishing games with the normal bass and catfish. It seems to me that the idea of catching new fish and not just in a tournament play setting but in others as well. I would tend to think the public of fishers would get behind this.  What local teenage fisherman wouldn't love catching fish on a game that he/she may never see in real life?  With the kinect and the rod as a controller it would be portray the "real" life effect.  Im sure there are others out there who feel the same as me and are tired of the same game-setting in all fishing game.  It's all bass, catfish and other misc. fish.  However if a river monsters game was made you could hook an eel in the Amazon, drag out a goliath tiger fish out of the Congo, snag a stingray in Thailand, a gator gar in the Nile or many many other goliaths of the deep and several other treacherous rivers. Fish that can go up to 500 lbs, 14 feet long. Something you will NOT see in any other fishing game.  A game where the setting "Hard" is actually a challenge, where as we all know with recent fishing game it's just too easy to land the fish.  River Monsters game woul increase the difficulty ten-fold because reeling in a 500lb fish shouldn't be too easy even for a game.  Yeah in this game there would be more line breakage broken rods of just lost bait, but that will make it more exciting to actually land these monster, and giving microsoft to develop a new game in the process.  It may not be the best game in the world, however it would be a change.  It could change fishing games and introduce all new species in newly founded fishing games for the future.  Something we haven't seen thusfar.  With today's graphic it would be unbelievably accurate and nothing like you've ever experience in a fishing game. Now, didn't we vote for "Change" America?  Well, this wouldn't be a big change, however it could boost profit sales for microsoft for being the first company to go this direction.  The flip side is it does as well as previous fishing games and to put it simply so what?  It wouldn't be the first time a game didn't do so well we've seen it before. I have many ideas how the game would turn out and I believe it would be a good change for fishing games. We need more species to catch, and bigger battles than ever before.  I hope others will comment on this for I am eager to hear your ideas as well from one game lover to another.


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Glad to see you're passionate about something...but avoid the massive wall of text next time lol.

Id play it.

I want a good fishing game first. Once we get one of those then you can have a River Monsters game.

hahah were you watching the River Monsters marathon today OP? :p but yeah I'd totally play it that show is insane!

I agree, I would def. buy that. Kinect or not. +1