Risk Factions and the lack of Support

This game has numerous bugs.  I have emailed the developers with no response and now I'm forced to post on here.  The game is easily freezable when leaving on the rewards screen.  This is the most well known and abused bug.  Guaranteed card freezes the game after 'x' amount of turns.  The defensive die is grossly unbalanced and broken.  Host migration is horrible at best.  If a player quits with a territory frozen, the territory will never unfreeze and hence you will be unable to take that territory.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I've played this game for over 2 years and I am absolutely appalled by the lack of support and updates for such a hugely successful game.  Stainless steal/EA games should be ashamed for their lack of due diligence on this game.  The video game industry is one of the few industries you can put out such a broken product and get away marketing and selling that product to consumers without being held responsible for the integrity of that product.  It is one thing for their to be a problem that you acknowledge and it's another thing for a consumer such as myself to email developers about very FIXABLE issues and receive NO response to my emails about my concerns.  


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It may be wise to speak with your wallet when considering future games from the developers/publishers you mentioned, it's the only way they will learn, unfortunately...

I have issues as well. the game disconnects abruptly and then im spammed with Hate mail for "rage quitting". I feel your pain brother.