Rise of the Kronarch (RPG, PvP, 18+)

Rise of the Kronarch - Now accepting applications!

“I remember when the snow began to fall in the South… Our land of Amaranth, once a lush and vibrant forest stretching from sea to sea, had dawned a new and sinister icy-edge. Every year hence it has only grown worse, closer and closer to suffocating our homeland. Alongside the creeping snow also comes a new and strange race of humanoids called the Kronarch. Initial contact was but a brief meeting of elders, but the Kronarch seemed insistent on the growth of their… civilization. We will continue to try and establish contact and create a truce to hold the death of our forests at-bay, but I fear our efforts are in vain. At times, even though undesirable, war is a necessary evil. We have lit the bonfires of our temples and offer sacrifices daily to the forest God, Turin, but we fear his alliance with our people is weakening with every passing day. Has Turin forsaken our people for these cold-hearted beasts, or is he simply attending other affairs… Time will only tell. Gods save us.”

~ Benzant, Second of the Order of Druids of Amaranth.

This is my second massive online world (first was Tumbleweed), and so much has changed with the addition of Creative Mode and new host options. I'm excited to announce that Rise of the Kronarch, a tribal PvP, RPG server is finally here. Looking forward to making it into something great.

Just a warning, I've attempted to wrap a complex set of rules and story around the typical Minecraft mechanics - so, if you're put-off by an in-depth rules system, detailed buy/sell mechanics, or adhering to specific rules "just because"... please please move on.

I'm looking for some mature, no BS Minecrafters to join me in this adventure. Ideally, I'd like a crew of age 18+ players but will slide the scale downward if I don't get enough applicants. After a week-or-so grace period, I'll send out notifications to three Amaranth and three Kronarch tribesman to begin the war!

To get started, download and read the rules. Be sure to take a look at the linked Buy/Sell Rates Excel doc (found within the rules) as well to get a feel for how the Serenity store works.

Once you've digested seven pages of wordiness, complete the application below and send it to me VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE on Xbox Forums. I don't want you giving answers away to the public  Feel free to ask any general questions in this thread and I'll do my best to reply quickly.





Do you have a headset/mic?

Please submit results from a Speedtest.net bandwith check (up/down).

What's your timezone and availability?

Do you have a tribal preference?

Rules-Check Questions:

In what region(s) is PvP NOT allowed?

If you build in an enemy's biome, can they claim your structure as theirs?

How to you absolve your tribe of Turin's Wrath?

Can you enter and loot an opponent's mine?

What type of sacrifice requires the attendance of your entire tribe?

How much does an entire set of diamond armor cost at Fort Serenity?


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A friend of mine just told me that the Halloween skin pack is no longer available, so if you don't have it, use the ghost skin from the holiday skin pack instead (when in husk form).

Just a side note on the rules - "buy" rate is what Serenity is willing to pay you for your goods, whereas "sell" rate is what you can expect to pay Serenity for goods.

FYI - I dunno why, but I can't make the link to the buy/sell rate Excel doc clickable in the rules PDF. Just manually copy & paste until I get it sorted out.

Wait is it for name your real name or gamertag