rise of nightmares

hey i like this game i just wanted to know why i walk backwards sometimes i downloaded the demo can someone tell me the controls on the kinect for blocking enemy attacks and how do i keep from walking backwards?


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You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put you right foot in, and you shake it all about...

From what I've heard/read, it's not registering you or your inputs because it is broken. I hear that applies to most Kinect games too...

Like all Kinect games its broken, just delete it and sell kinect.

Not all Kinect games are broken...Plus there are so many more advantages with Kinect. Voice search capability, ability to watch Netflix and use commands like "Pause," "Play," etc. without having to use a controller.

sorry but no game or "command" is worth the $100 price of kinect. now if it was free, or like $20 maybe but it's just not worth it nor will it be unless some seriously good games come or it drops to about $20.

That game is horrible. It puts the Kinect to shame. It's recognition and controls are horrible.