Ring of the Nightingale's DLC idea.

This quest starts anytime after you become a Nightingale. A courier delivers a letter from Brynjolf telling you to meet him at The Ratway. There he tells you about a legendary ring called, "Ring of the Nightingale's." He tells you he found a map and letter while going though Mercer Frey home. Then hands you the letter and map (you get a map marker.) 

There you start a quest called: "Secret's of the Nightingale Order."

When you get there its a old Dwermor Ruins.

You well face many Falmer,  and a group calling them selves "The Nightingale Order."

Boss fight:

Mercer Frey (Let the storyline tell you why.)

Ring of the Nightingale's stats:

70% Chameleon and Muffled Movement.


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I miss chameleon.

So do I.

Is this a joke? This is pretty much how the Thieves Guild Quest goes.

This is no joke. But I guess Mercer Frey shouldnt of been the boss and no Falmer's but Vampires would of been better.