Ring of Hircine lets you morph infite times [Possible spoiler]

Not an extra one a day.I have morphed 8 times a day into a werewolf.

So why do people still think that they only get 1 more morph?

the desc says

gives additional werewolf transformations.

ADDITIONAL.Notice the s after transformations.


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You get as many as you want. It is under powers, but when you transform into a Werewolf with the Ring, the Power: Ring of Hircine is removed. When you transform back into a human it is added again. This is why you can keep on transforming.

Yay for the ring! Can't wait until I get it.

spoiler in your title maybe next time?

Why is everyone so upset about spoilers! The game has been out for THREE MONTHS! When can we start to talk about anything in the game without saying Spoilers.

??? and what if you just got the game yesterday? its called being curtious, how hard is it to put (spoiler) in the thread title, are your fingers that weak you cant type 8 keys? jesus christ kids are lazy.

If you got the game yesterday why are you on the forum. You should just be playing the game, not looking around for spoilers.


That's true.....and if it's a quest one hasn't done yet, there's no reason for one to poke around in the thread.  

I achieved what i set out for, a mod changed his thread title for me. I've put over 200 hours on skyrim so far, im looking out for others.