Right-Stick Error?


I just got Fifa 12 and started playing it, the gameplay is very fun. (Though the different modes and all the technical aspects of them seem a bit confusing to me. It's my first time playing Fifa.)

So my issue is this, every time I go to a game mode where there are menus to look through or choose from - which you scroll through with the Right-Stick (such as the Career mode main screen and Ultimate Team tutorial pages) - it acts like I'm holding up on the stick constantly. So no matter what I do, the menu continues to scroll up. I can change the direction of it slightly by moving the right-stick, but it still keeps moving insanely! This also happened when I tried to adjust the face on My Player, the right-stick adjustment would just automatically go to the far upper-left part of the screen.

It only acts like this during the menu screen, but during the gameplay the stick is perfectly fine. It didn't matter which controller I used - I have 2. And the last game I played on the Xbox - other than Fifa - the right-stick worked great.

What can I do to fix this? Is it a controller problem, game problem, Xbox problem, or me problem?



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Sounds odd - I don't get this happening to me, so i can't help really, sounds annoying though.

Good luck.

ya never heard of this

Sorry, don't understand...

OH! Wait. I know what you'r  talking about! My wee bro. used too get that on his PS2! Try to pull the RS (Right stick) up and pull it until it makes a wee"CLICK!". And if that doesn't work, do the exact same, but in stead of pulling, push down till' it, well, you know... If that doesn't work, well I'm sorry... But I don't know... Ask your friends os something... Soz' bro...

have you tried another controller? maybe you've got a bad controller.  Also, changing the batteries might help.

If you use a controller a lot, sometimes the stick (left or right) doesn't center properly after being pushed in any direction, which can cause it to make things move on screen.  If things are moving up rapidly, try moving the stick slightly down, and then let go of it to try and center it.  

Also, if you turn on your Xbox and you happen to have a stick pushed in a direction, and not centered, that can really throw off the way the stick behaves.