Ride the wave again?!

Im not complaining as such, i personally like just about all challenges in all game types,

was just intrigued to know if this was the 1st time there has been the same weekly challenge back to back? is it just 343 repeating until they get the hang of everything so to speak? annnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyway ill be riding the wave again [:-)]


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I wasn't too upset. It only takes like 3 or 4 FFA games per day to get it for a nice profit. Someone forgot to change the Brute's litter...

Same here... i'm not complaining too much as its pretty easy gameplay for that 12,000Cr payout.  I put this game down for a long time and i'm now playing catch up to get to Lt. Colonel.  Just from playing daily challenges over the last week or so, I went from Captain to almost at Major Grade 2.

yeah its definately a good payout/profit if you enjoy firefight anyway!

@ eggnogga good to see you picked the game up again!!! good luck for a swift Lt Colonel and make it rain [:-)]

If they changed up the challenges and made some really really odd and amusing ones I would probably start playing more.

The challenges are probably randomly generated, like the map variants in the games.

probably is random, just wishful thinking that they would make some odd and amusing ones like IssacClarkeSNL said,

i can just picture myself at 343 though being allocated the job of challenge thinker upper'er [:-)]

I find it funny how a couple people on some forums are calling the same challenge a "fail" on 343i. Rather comical. Kinda shows how much some are wanting 343i to fail with Halo.

i dont think its a fail, hardly fair after such a short time at the helm, i do find it comical that people are pessimistic about things like this, like setting a height that will never be reached in their mind by anyone or thing, anyway all my best goes to 343 i hope halo soars, i certainly look forward to everything they have to offer!

I think this happened with this weekly challeng before.

Though the challenges are selected at random, you can count that every Thursday the daily will be all Fire Fight based.  It's been that way since release.