Riddlers Pressure Plates Question

Hey all how the heck are you supposed to get the pressure plates on the walls of some of the buldings? And what is the deal with the red pressure plates as well? Are those for Catwomen?


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i am working on them now,i am guessing the line launcher somehow.

which one you talking about exactly. there is one where you step on it then line launch across and other where you time your run as to hit all the circles when they are green. not sure which one you are dealing with....

Pressure plates that are green have to be touched, without touching the floor to get the riddler trophy thingy to open... so if they are on a wall, glid to it, then when u hit it, glide off the wall to the next ?


The red ones, you aren't supposed to touch... usually those are in a cage or something and you have to glide over them to get to the other side.