Riddlers Last Hostage Need Help

Hey all what do I have to do to find Riddlers last hostage? Riddler is becoming a pain in my batcave.


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collect 400 trophies then his hideout is next to the museum, you have to dive bomb, pull back to get over the electric fence, piece of cake after that.

ok thanks. Is there some were I can go to see how many of the 400 I have collected? Woluld you use Batman or Catwomen to get the 400?

Push select, then LB to see the trophies.  Tells you how much you have.

You haven't rescued the fifth hostage I see.  That must be the one you mean.  It's after you rescue that one you need to collect 400 to get the last hostages.

Don't remember how many it is until he contact you about the fifth.  Maybe 300.  remember solving a riddle nets you a trophy as well.  Collecting trophies as Batman or Catwoman goes towards the total count.  Catwoman trophies are usually easier to obtain since she has less gadgets.  Usually just involves climbing somewhere.