Anyone have the team savior ribbon ? and anyone know how to get it,this one is killing me,Tried for months to get it

This is the last of the 132 i missing.


How to get it ???


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Isn`t that in beast mode?

i think you need play a game of beast until you unlock the kantus,stay close to your team and wait until 3 red health marks appear the hold X to heal them.


try a private match with 4 players not 5 and just hang back and wait for them to need healing.

I'm playing Gears right at the moment, would like some help getting ribbons like the ones for beast and horde mode i only need 6. Those who help me i can return the favor.

If it is the one that THEOWENKILLER said it is the easy way to do it is have your team run into the wires or laser fences and stick with them.