Ribbons not matching the events?

Ok, so last week I played in the event for the "Judgement" ribbon toward my Socialite badges.


This week is Gnashty Guardian ribbon.  I played in what I believe to be this event (it is in the FoN gametypes --> Guardian with only Gnashers).  The ribbon that popped was the Judgement ribbon.  None for Gnashty Guardian.


I am really confused about what is going on here.  Can someone explain it?


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Doesn't look like they put a lot of effort into the events part of Gears 3. I stopped earning the events ribbons around the Gearsmas week thing - sometimes I would get the ribbon, sometimes nothing (and yes I know that there was not a ribbon for every day but I played every event and did not get all the ribbons).

Anyway I gave up on events - evidently Epic ran out of events so they are recycling old ones. Not that big a deal in and of itself but you cannot get a ribbon for playing the same event twice and unless you wrote them down you don't know which ones you've already played in.

so, I guess that didn't really answer your question but IMO that mechanic is just broken or unreliable - not sure why you're getting the wrong ribbons but take comfort in knowing that you're at least getting them :)

Looks like the Judgement ribbons are stackable... I've had three and they've each added towards Socialite.

What a mess.  This company sounds great until you actually are taking part in what they create.  If there are awards/achievements/etc for something...it should at least get the attention necessary to make it work

I've been stuck at 24/30 for a couple of months now.  I always jump on and play a couple of matches in the event to work towards that achievement, but I have been getting nothing, not even the ribbon for playing.  EPIC makes great games, but their achievements suck.  Some are really tedious and not fun at all, like the "kill this guy with that skin 10x."

I've been stuck at 28/30 for over 3 months