Ribbon Question???

What is the best act/chapter to get the dewormer ribbon (kill 3 headsnakes)? I only need dewormer ribbon and the ribbon for reviving 3 locust in beast mode for the achievement.


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act 4 chapter 2 best and easy place to get Dewormer just shoot drudges may turn to Headsnakes

Cool got the ribbon! Thanks.  Just need team savior ribbon now

is it just luck that the drudges turn into headsnakes?

or is there a specific way to kill them?

Shoot the drudges in the belly once you get one with a headsnake. The head will survive.

I tried this.... not a single one turned into a Headsnake.  They all turned into super tall arm waving fiends that spit globs of molten emulsion at me.  Luck of the draw I guess but it seems like these are the types of Drudges I always get.  Almost never a headsnake and when I do see em, it's usually just one.