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I am a Sergeant  in Destruction Battalion which has 5 Platoons.
RGC (Renegade Gaming Community) is recruiting at this very moment. 
We are recruiting because we are expanding. 
we are seeking recruits of all skill levels, all play styles, and people who are active on XBL and who will be active in our community forums. 
We have about 1,000 active members weekly. 
We have a podcast, machinima, design team, tournaments, and GB teams. 
Most recently we have an all females MLG team (for all you females looking to join). We also have sent teams to MLG Columbus & Dallas. 
We have a Ranking structure like no other and the more active you are on the forums as well as XBL you will rank up faster. 
Mainly we hang out in XBL parties and have a good time. 
In RGC we recognize members every week and month. 
On top of that, we also have competitions in house for chances to win custom signatures, avatars, microsoft points and many other things. 
But over all, we are a tight family/community. 
We play games from CoD MW2, Black Ops, Gears 3, Forza, Halo, and many more. We are also gearing up for the new releases such as BattleField 3 and CoD Modern Warfare 3.

So if RGC sounds like a place for you please feel free to visit our forums at RGCLIVE.com and register. Please make sure to put GHOST1985Mike as your Referrer and join the Destruction  Battalion. 

Please Do Not post in the "How To Join" section of the forum. When you register just send me a private message and I will get you set up.

Hope to start gaming with you all soon!!!!

Thank You
RGC Sergeant  - Annihilation Platoon


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