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I was wondering if there is a list with all the Reward Cards with their requirements and how to obtain them. I now there was a list back on the old Xbox forum, but I don't know who wrote that one.

I got some trouble with the infractions, defense races and accumulate a fine of $...... I did a pursuit of 60 min orso and had a bounty of 65K and cost to state 200K+, but no Reward Cards for the fines and only 4 infractions.

And what are defense races?

Can someone help me (link, name of writer, Reward Cards mentioned above)?

Thank you.


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Defense races happen at random points throughout the game. When you own a territory a rival crew will challenge your turf and you have to defend it. Later in the game the become less frequent and never happen after you complete the game. If you have beaten the game you can sell all your cars and have your last car impounded to restart the career. You should keep all existing reward cards.

As far as the bounty and infractions go did you get away? Another thing is if you turned off the auto save and quit did you save that info? If not that could be why. Some reward cards also unlock the second time you do it.

Hey, thanks for the answer. I did get away, I went for the Ram 100 vehicle achievement.

I didnt get the fine and infraction Reward Cards, because I didnt reach the requirements. I now my question is, how to get 6 infractions (cause I had only 4 in 60min pursuit) and how to get a fine (apparently it isnt the same as bounty or cost to state).

head start achievement how do i get that one?

For head start you would have to boost with someone on york road. You let your partner take the lead and then stop after about 11 seconds and then you take off and your partner lets you win the race.