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What is Revolution Roleplay?
Glad you asked! Revolution Roleplay is a community of roleplay'ers on Xbox LIVE. We want to provide the most fun and exciting roleplay community on Xbox. We offer various features, which can be read about below. In the future, we hope to expand and grow as a community to recruit new players. Right now, we are small but our dreams are big!

Revolution Roleplay was created in February of 2013 (2/2013) by Onyx and Brad, the owners and founders, in an attempt to create a dynamic roleplay community.
What features do we offer?
We offer many features. We aim to appeal all players, not just a certain group. Below are some of the many cool and interesting features we offer.
Dynamic Stats - Our Dynamic Stats System allows you to check your stats whenever you want through our Database on Google Drive. On your stats you will find what's in your inventory, your cash, property, vehicles, level, and much, much more!

Races - Races, races, races...that's right! Races! We have a racing competitions very often, wheter it be cruising over the cool-blue Los Santos ocean in a speed-boat, or flying high in the skies with a plane, or even in the trails around Mount Chiliad on a dirtbike or quad. First place gets a cash prize, varying in value every time.
Store/Bank Heists - Yes, that's right, heists! Bank heists! Store heists! Everything you can think of! Any group of individuals can hold-up a bank or store in an attempt for some cold, hard cash. If you can get away with the goods, it's yours for the taking. It's not as easy as it sounds, really... With the LSPD officers and the force of the Eclipse PMC against you, it's not as easy as you think. Whatevery you make-off with, it get puts into your account. If its money, it goes into your bank account. If its items, it goes into your inventory, which you can then sell on the Black Market.
Black Market - The Black Market...the place where you can sell stolen or illegal goods...drugs too! Only three items may be on the Black Market at a time. An item stays on the Black Market for one (1) hour, then it gets removed if it doesn't sell. In order to purchase something from the Black Market, you must contact the RP Leader and ask him what's on the Black Market. When you decide you wanna' purchase something, meet up with the seller. In order to sell, it's the same process.
Dynamic Stories - Dynamic stories... Who would have ever thought of something like this before? You heard correctly, you're going to be able to trigger random story lines that will lead your character through vast journeys around San Andreas, doing things like you've never even thought of! All it takes is triggering the story, and it all begins. There will be multiple stories available at a time, all ready for you to get going on!
Revolution Points - Revolution Points? What's that? Revolution Points are points you can earn for doing things in-game, or showing dedication to the community. You can spend them on cool things for your character like money, a house, a car, and much, much more!
Here are the current joinable Factions we have planned for Revolution Roleplay. Factions are like the major groups in the community. The current Factions are only Emergency Service so far. Read about them below!
Los Santos Police Department - The Los Santos Police Department is the primary police force in Los Santos. LSPD is to the city of Los Santos, doing their best to keep the general population safe. It is a fun and exciting job as you can expect many crimes to be going on throughout Los Santos, ranging from robberies to street-races, and RP serial killers to RP rapists. It's all up to the LSPD to keep the streets safe! Are you a future officer?
San Andreas Sheriff's Department - The Sheriff's Department is similar to LSPD in the way of duties. LSPD patrols only the city of Los Santos, while SASD patrols the surrounding areas. Since GTA V is planned to have a massive outter part of the map, including the vast area around Los Santos, the Sheriff's Department patrols the county, and very partially responds to back-up calls within the city. The duty of the SASD is just as great as LSPD, as you can expect drug deals and illegal sales and much, much more to be going around in county.
Fire Department of Los Santos - The Fire Department of Los Santos, or FDLS for short, is a very important component of the full RP experience. FDLS comes in hand for RP situations where they are needed, such as a car crash, a shooting, or even an RP fire! How cool is that? FDLS may seem unimportant, but truly, this is where the cash flows.
We hope to see you around sometime and hope that you will join us on our journey through GTA V! Best regards from the Revolution Roleplay Administration Team!

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