Revolution Of Gaming! Recruting

Hello everyone! 

I'm assuming since your reading this your obviously looking into joining a gaming community. Let me then introduce you to Revolution of Gaming!
We are a community that was started in 2008 and we have grown bigger ever since, we have a 24/7 active forum with gamer from around the world so there is always someone to talk to and play with!
No matter what game style you have competitive or casual we got other players that play the game just like you.

Things RoG can offer you!

A forum that is always active! 


Competitive and Casual gameplay

Graphic/design team

News Team

Rank Structure

Covers every major  game title

A ton of new friends!

There is always new things going on in RoG to make you get an even more amazing experience!
Do you like to play games on your PC or PS3? Don't worry we got you covered with over 200 daily active members there is always someone willing to play with you!
As i wright this there is even a PC Brigade being formed!

And now you wonder what is these Brigades your speaking of?
Don't you worry i will tell you, Brigades are small communities inside RoG. Typically focused around 1 game, like halo,CoD or Battlefield!
Brigades are where we get our small community feel from in our gigantic communtiy, i know all this sounds complicated but it isn't, once you join it will make perfect sence to you.

How do i join RoG?

1)Visit website: Revolution of Gaming.

2)Create an account on our forums.

3)Introduce yourself to the community.

4)Navigate to the "Apply to Join RoG Here" thread.

5)Read the "Read This Before Posting Application" thread.

6)Copy and paste format given.

7)Complete all necessary areas.

8)Wait for a Commander or Lt. Commander to respond to your application. (Reply usually within the day)

9)Follow the directions given by the Commander or Lt. Commander.

10)Introduce yourself to your brigade and company.

11) Enjoy your stay.

What games do we support?

We support names such as:
- Call of Duty
- Battlefield
- Halo

Note: You are welcome to play whatever game you like, but the brigades are focused around one game.

Find RoG on...

Website: Revolution of Gaming
Twitter: Revolution of Gaming (RoGInsider)
Twitch TV: RevolutionofGaming

If you need any help or got any questions! send me a message or comment below!


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We have lots of things going on in RoG with the new year, Come check it out!