Revolution DLC confirmed by Amazon Uk

If anyone else has posted this somewhere first then i appologise,I am not looking for attention i just did'nt see it ;-)

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There's gameplay on this already actually, maybe it was disc-locked content? =/


Amazon removed the listing, just like they did the Hitman HD Trilogy for xbox 360 and PS3, To be honest i will be getting the Hitman HD Trilogy before this map pack.

Looks pretty good to me

I noticed they announced it on the game itself.


and the SMG is for multjplayer? That'd awesome. People complain SMGs are OP? Give them more!  Then again people complain about small maps too. Bet anything these things will be tiny. Too late to make course corrections now.

Yep, looks like the SMG is for multiplayer and the snow level map on my link above looks a nice size, similar to the one on the original Black OPS

Here's the official announcement:

Looks pretty awesome!

Hybrid SMG-Assault rifle!

...and it looks like the new Zombie mode they're talking about is pretty similar to Infected.